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Our Ugly Duckling UV/ LED Base/ Topcoat is 2 great products in one!

Our combo doubles as a base coat for gel polish on natural nails, and a durable high shine topcoat. Top your gel, gel polish or acrylic.  If you have the time to let it dry thoroughly, you can even use it over traditional polish (but it must be completely dry first).

** We don't recommend a base when applying over enhancements (gel, acrylic or resin). Simply finish filing your product with a 100 or 180 grit file, and apply your gel polish. No need to waste time buffing.  In fact you don't want to apply it to a smooth surface!

** Designed to use with our Gel Polish, Sculpting Gels, and Acrylic

** We recommend our Natural Base for natural nail gel polish application.

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