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NAILPRO Reader's Choice for BEST HARD GEL SYSTEM! Ugly Duckling self-leveling hard gels are designed for effortless sculpting. Extra strong adhesion, and superior durability. What more could you ask for?

  • HEMA Monomer Free!
  • Easy to file
  • Flexible while remaining strong
  • 60 second cure time : Clear*
  • 90 second cure time: All pigmented Ugly Duckling Sculpting Gels

Please note: All cure times are based on products being cured in our Ugly Duckling LED Lamp. 

CLEAR - medium viscosity
Gel is crystal clear no bubbles. Use to lay down before your colors to avoid staining the natural nail, cap your art, or create a full sculpt.

THICK CLEAR - thick viscosity
Our crystal clear sculpting gel you love, now in a thick viscosity. Thick Clear holds it's shape while you work, but will not leave any "peaks" - self-levels very slightly.

THICKEST CLEAR - very thick viscosity
Our crystal clear gel with a very thick viscosity. Thickest Clear will hold it's shape for as long as you need it to before curing, and will minimally self-level. Ideal for extreme lengths and competition nails, but great salon work too!

FAIR-Y FUFU very thick viscosity
Gel is a thicker viscosity gel with a full coverage shade that is slightly softer than our traditional Fufu gel. Designed for extreme shapes and competition nails.  This gel will hold it's shape without self-levelling, but is easy enough to manipulate and create beautiful salon style nails too!

FUFU medium viscosity
Gel is a camouflage gel. Create beautifully enhanced free-edge, hide any blemishes, or simply enjoy the color for French, fade or full sculpt. We recommend encapsulating between clear gel.

PINK - medium viscosity
Gel is a soft semi-transparent gel. Beautiful for French, fades, or full sculpts.

NATURAL MILKY WHITE medium viscosity
Gel is perfect for Baby Boomer and natural looking French.

WHITE medium/thick viscosity
Gel will make a bold statement for a crisp clean French or dramatic Baby Boomer.

EXTREME WHITE very thick viscosity
Gel is a thicker viscosity gel, rich in crisp white pigment, and designed for extreme shapes or competition nails. This gel will hold it's shape without self-levelling, but is easy enough to manipulate and create beautiful salon style nails, too!

ROSEWATER: - thick viscosity
Soft, semi-transparent pink. Beautiful for French, or full color.

MILKY PEACH - medium/thick viscosity
The perfect milky peach shade which compliments any skin tone. Gorgeous as a full color or paired with one of our whites for a beautiful classic french or fade.

SOFT CORAL - medium/thick viscosity
Soft Coral is, in our opinion, the 'perfect' mix of peach and pink to create a delicate, soft coral shade.

ROSEWOOD - medium/thick viscosity
The warmest and deepest nudish pink in our line. Pairs perfectly with any of our White sculpting gels for a classic french or a french fade.

HUHU PINK - medium/thick viscosity
Warm, mid-tone neutral nude shade used forone color overlay, baby boomers or classic french.

NUDE PINK - medium/thick viscosity
Warm, light and creamy neutral nude shade used for one color overlay, baby boomers or classic french.



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